Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Volume Two (one month later, no communication in between)

G: Porksche

G: Bacon-M-W

G: Yamaham

G: Cow-asaki

curator's note: This was in a several minute bust.  Was he saving them up?  Did he see a bunch of meat on a car?

J: Anti-lock steaks

J: Hamry

G: 20 inch ribs

J: 4 veal drive

G: Rack and pork loin steering

G: Porking brake

J: That's also a good name for a cockblocker

G: "Yeah but her roommate was a total porking brake!!"

G: I'm naming the band "Anti-lock steaks"

G: The ugly reality of harvesting illicit grains takes a turn for the worse on this week's episode of "Barley Legal"

G: A renegade farmer uses breakthrough techniques to battle a drought on "Wheatever it Takes"

curator's note: this is all happening on one day 

G: One man stands alone against German agro-terrorists in "Rye Hard"

curator's note: laughing about that one

G: Tonight's band line up:
1) German Agro-Terrorists
2) Greg and Associates
3) Anti Lock Steaks

G: An epidemic breaks out in central Indiana....Stephen King's "Corn-tagion"

G: Gotham City's staple grain is restored in "The Dark Knight Rices"

G: A mentally challenged boy has an enormous penis.   Burt Reynolds guest stars in "the longest tard"

J: Just read those to Slater.  He laughed.

G: Oh Pirate!!!