Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Volume Two (one month later, no communication in between)

G: Porksche

G: Bacon-M-W

G: Yamaham

G: Cow-asaki

curator's note: This was in a several minute bust.  Was he saving them up?  Did he see a bunch of meat on a car?

J: Anti-lock steaks

J: Hamry

G: 20 inch ribs

J: 4 veal drive

G: Rack and pork loin steering

G: Porking brake

J: That's also a good name for a cockblocker

G: "Yeah but her roommate was a total porking brake!!"

G: I'm naming the band "Anti-lock steaks"

G: The ugly reality of harvesting illicit grains takes a turn for the worse on this week's episode of "Barley Legal"

G: A renegade farmer uses breakthrough techniques to battle a drought on "Wheatever it Takes"

curator's note: this is all happening on one day 

G: One man stands alone against German agro-terrorists in "Rye Hard"

curator's note: laughing about that one

G: Tonight's band line up:
1) German Agro-Terrorists
2) Greg and Associates
3) Anti Lock Steaks

G: An epidemic breaks out in central Indiana....Stephen King's "Corn-tagion"

G: Gotham City's staple grain is restored in "The Dark Knight Rices"

G: A mentally challenged boy has an enormous penis.   Burt Reynolds guest stars in "the longest tard"

J: Just read those to Slater.  He laughed.

G: Oh Pirate!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Volume One

G: And tell that Asian wife of yours to shut up!!!

G: I now pronounce you Mayhugh and wife, you may jam the bride

J: With this onion ring, I thee wed

G: In sickness and in health, in Action and in Jackson

J: And these vows will bind you in holy mayhughmony


G: Who would you rather nail: Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner


G: Fred!

G: Hulk is also pretty ridiculous

G: Louis Brasi sleeps with the fishes

G: (picture)


G: No Jerry reall why would you not get sauced and get Mr Hero and be hot action


G: I just had 4 espressos grande and 8 Millers Lite.  Lets go to Belmar and hoot at chicks

J: The espresso....she is bad


J: The cure for cancer is discovered in a difficult to find spore, creating a lucrative stampede to harvest it in its natural habitats of caves and river beds.  Hugh Jackman and Jeremy Renner star in MOLD RUSH

G: (picture)

G: An outlaw origami gang from the streets of Tokyo threatens the Yakuza structure.  Lucy Liu and Ken Watanabe star in FOLD RUSH

G: A mysterious playboy dog fights crime in Gotham City.  Seth Green and Serena Altschul (as herself) star in THE BARK KNIGHT RISES

J: A civil war officer returns home after years in the field.  His bitch wife has left, but his beloved home remains as damp, dingy, and musky as ever.  Jude Law stars in MOLD MOUNTAIN

G: Mold in Manhattan?

J: After years in a loveless marriage, a former beauty queen finds love in the damp corner of the basement of an abandoned warehouse.  Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in THE MOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL